What to do fort wayne indiana?

Find fun, family-friendly festivals and activities in Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana. Search for attractions, travel ideas, getaways and more, Attractions · Fall Festivities in Fort Wayne · Downtown · Summer.

What to do fort wayne indiana?

Find fun, family-friendly festivals and activities in Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana. Search for attractions, travel ideas, getaways and more, Attractions · Fall Festivities in Fort Wayne · Downtown · Summer. On a typical day in June, temperatures are around 29 degrees Celsius, but no matter the weather, there's always something new and exciting here. Built in 1928 and with a capacity for more than two thousand people, the Embassy Theater is a legacy in Fort Wayne.

When you're in Fort Wayne, take a taxi and head downtown to the Museum of Art. Explore a wide selection of animals, from reptiles to Australian adventures and African species. There are 1000 animals in total and, if that's not enough to suppress boredom, the zoo also has five attractions to keep children busy. If adventure and sport are more your territory, Canlan Ice Sports will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Bring history to life by celebrating Indiana's historic birthday at the Old Fort. When you return to 1816, you will be able to experience what daily life was like and how the fort was transformed to its current lifestyle. At 213 feet tall, the Lincoln Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Fort Wayne and is a monument to a great movement in the city. At night, it glows brightly and has been standing for 50 years.

To be honest, it's a conventional shopping mall that's popular with the community and loved by tourists. Located on East Main Street, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art is one of the city's most visited museums. Located in the northeast corner of Indiana, Fort Wayne is an easy road trip from Chicago. It's a river city, which is practically a fact in the Midwest.

Cities often developed because pioneers needed easy access to roads. If you are looking for an emblematic place that awakens your competitive spirit, Parkview Field is a safe bet for you. Visit the main library or visit the other 13 branches for an incredible book-searching adventure. A visit to the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory should be on your list of incredible things to enjoy in Fort Wayne, as you explore more than 25,000 square feet of lush green life.

The greenhouse has a refreshing landscape and houses several indoor and outdoor gardens with more than a thousand plants and 72 types of cacti. They adapt to all ages with art from the 19th century to the present, with almost thousands of paintings, engravings, photographs, sculptures, etc. The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Center was founded in January 1924 with more than 27 performances a year. Known as one of the best minor league baseball experiences in the country, Parkview Field also hosts concerts, fitness festivals and more than 400 non-baseball events throughout the year.

At the confluence of three major rivers, a mile north of the city center, Headwaters Park is a popular natural space that is often teeming with community activities. In addition to the year-round concert and festival program, including the iconic Three Rivers Festival, the 30-acre park is also a popular place to simply enjoy the good weather and the surrounding river. On-site, the Hamilton Sculpture Garden offers a landscaped space to appreciate. Headwaters Park's large outdoor pavilion can also be rented for private events.

During the colder months of the year, the popular Headwaters ice skating rink is a fun place to enjoy the winter chill. On the south side of downtown, near Parkview Field and the Fort Wayne Fire Museum, the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory is a year-round tropical attraction. A great place for children, families and anyone interested in botanical beauty, this conservatory offers three distinct garden areas. This detailed former fort, a reconstruction of the original Fort Wayne from 1815, offers a fun place to visit and learn about the history of the area.

Marys River, from Headwaters Park, this reconstructed historic fort is just a quarter of a mile from its original site. Located in a retired coal-fired power plant from 1908, Science Central is a practical science museum that serves children and interested members of the community. From the outside, Science Central still looks like the power plant it was originally designed with, except for the colorful chimneys and the fake dinosaur skeleton near the front door. With more than 80 events scheduled, the entire Three Rivers Festival takes place in the sprawling Headwaters Park.

Festival celebrations range from music concerts, mass parades, fireworks and other fun things, such as cake eating contests. As Fort Wayne's annual summer celebration for nearly 50 years, the Three Rivers Festival is a long-standing tradition for residents and tourists across the country. The museum's detailed exhibits tell a regional story that ranges from native cultures to 20th century technological innovations. Some of the permanent exhibits include a detailed representation of the indigenous history of Miami in the area, as well as a recreation of a blacksmith shop and foundry.

Other exhibits illuminate the most recent innovations that emerged from the region, including stereos and motorcycles. Located on the southwestern edge of the city, Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve is a restored environment of 756 acres of mixed wetlands. An excellent place to visit to observe wildlife in a natural habitat, the nature reserve maintains more than 10 miles of hiking trails to explore the different wetlands, meadows, grasslands and forests that make up the area. A few miles north of the city center, the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is one of the area's most popular family-friendly places to visit.

Serving the community for more than 50 years, the children's zoo has expanded to receive a lot of praise and more than half a million visitors each year. There's nothing better than being outdoors between nature and wildlife, and there are plenty of parks to visit in the city of Fort Wayne to pass the time. Visit Fort Wayne had included a list of black-owned businesses from the Fort Wayne Black Chamber of Commerce in my welcome package. The stadium, home to Fort Wayne TinCaps, a minor league baseball team, hosts more than 400,000 baseball fans who come to watch the games every year.

There are a lot of educational and exciting activities that you can also offer to the little ones during their stay in Fort Wayne. From the Joe Pickle Festival to cultural celebrations like the Taste of the Arts and the Pride Fest, there's something to enjoy almost every weekend of the year in Fort Wayne. Chop's Wine Bar allows you to escape and get lost in a maze of gourmet food, hand-selected wines and beers, and meet up with friends while in the beautiful city of Fort Wayne. Formerly known as the Embody Theater, the historic Embassy Theater is one of the beautiful places to enjoy Fort Wayne's culture.

Be there and get together to immerse yourself in the magnificent art of Broadway show business with amazing lights, appropriate sound effects and talented actors, a spectacular place to visit for those looking for things to do in Fort Wayne this evening. Located in Allen County, Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana, a bustling treasure trove of all kinds of recreational activities. In fact, Fort Wayne has one of the most impressive and immersive interactive museums we've seen, and it's a safe way to keep kids busy for a day. Discover why the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is one of the best places for family fun in Indiana.

It is a non-profit organization that focuses on preserving the magical history of the Fort Wayne Fire Department and the artifacts associated with the fire service. This is precisely what the Thomas family decided to offer Fort Wayne when they opened Pint & Slice. Most of Fort Wayne's quality, branded hotels are in clusters surrounding the city and are conveniently located off Interstate 69. .


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